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This is the development forum for M30W (also known as Emerald, do not confuse with Emerald Programming Language).
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M30W(Emerald) 0.3 is out! (Download) Requires Python 2.6 or higher.
Opal 0.3(A better command line M30W) is out! (Download) Requires Python 2.6 or higher.
M30W 0.3.6 GUI barebones (Download) Requires Python 2.6 or higher and wxPython
Diamond-2 RED2 GUI Barebones (Fancy M30W editor) s out! (Download) Requires .NET Framework 3.5 or higher, does not require Python
M30W++ GUI barebones (Java M30W) Alpha 1 is out! (Download) Requires Java.

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#26 2010-01-13 23:36:06

From: Canamadiana
Registered: 2009-11-07
Posts: 423

Re: opengl skills!

Lol, But emulators emulate stuff and render all the sprites and stuff.

That was just an example.

sheez people are so literal.

OpenGL is like, one of the two most used graffix libraries.

like, DirectX and OpenGL

OpenGL is just hard to understand

like, it's like a Cartesian plot (Not completely sure what it is in English because all my math is in French, I thought it would go down better than Plan Cartesian..)

with a Z axis.

except all the numbers are done in floating point percentages, instead of pixels.

so like, a point all the way across one side would either be 1.0, or -1.0, and more if you wanted it to go on farther than the screen allowed.

the only thing that got me for ages was the floating point numbers.




2010-01-13 23:36:06



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