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M30W is a text-based version of Scratch

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This is the development forum for M30W (also known as Emerald, do not confuse with Emerald Programming Language).
Our Non-development forums are available here

M30W(Emerald) 0.3 is out! (Download) Requires Python 2.6 or higher.
Opal 0.3(A better command line M30W) is out! (Download) Requires Python 2.6 or higher.
M30W 0.3.6 GUI barebones (Download) Requires Python 2.6 or higher and wxPython
Diamond-2 RED2 GUI Barebones (Fancy M30W editor) s out! (Download) Requires .NET Framework 3.5 or higher, does not require Python
M30W++ GUI barebones (Java M30W) Alpha 1 is out! (Download) Requires Java.

Gershmer.net, our hosting, will close in February 2011. We have not fully decided what to do with our hosting after that, but we will tell you when we decide.



#1 2009-11-12 12:07:39

Diamond Creator
From: Catford, London, UK
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Diamond on other platforms

There are some guidelines for make Diamond for other platforms:


- Ribbons are not needed
- The interface should look similar to Diamond for Windows ( MinkoSoft Diamond )
- - Meaning that the window layout should be the same (Split Panel -> Left[Some sort of headergroup(text: Emerald programming help)-> Split Panel -> Top[Split Panel (forming some sort of Explorer view)];Bottom[Browser component (to view help files)] ];Right[Text editor with highlighting (Scintilla's probably the best)])
- Keep the Diamond logo
- About box should look the same


- Should behave similarly to Diamond for Windows ( MinkoSoft Diamond )
- Should read the Emerald help XML files (I'm working on that system)


- If it's possible, share your ideas: We all want to do it better
- Let's make it as similar as we only can; we don't want users complaining about how Diamond for Mac and this for Windows are different.
- Try to do some Easter Eggs* if you want.

Diamond aims to be a better deal for creating Emerald projects. Better sprite editors, in-place help, share your projects to several** web services with just one click, robust debugging*** - it's all here!

*Easter Egg - usually hidden program "feature", like hidden picture of yours or a mini-game; accessible after doing some things that normal users won't do.
**If it's only possible. The services would be Twitter and Facebook (via Filesocial), probably EmeraldExchange (codename for native Emerald projects site). Will depend on configuration and internet connection.
***Depends on Diamond for [Platform] development and Emerald development.
When the text is in italics, it means the feature's fate is uncertain.

So now you know what's Diamond gonna be...




2009-11-12 12:07:39



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